Efekt Dzialania is a hip-hop squad from Warsaw. All that began in 2002 when 3 homies from the same hood started recording rap. Siodmy is known from great freestyle skills. He participated in famous freestyle battles called WBW. Juhas aka Mon the second mc has a crazy style of rhyming. Kwapisz aka Capish is a superproducer who creates oryginal beats. He is a member of international squad called Nu Revolution Camp. ED is assisted on concerts by Dj DFC, one of the best djs in Poland, known from Reebok Tour.

First records were made in home studio than in professional Echo's studio. In 2004 ED get the fist place in Warsaw's underground festival for best underground squad in Warsaw. ED recorded two albums which were big on the streets. Now they recording highly anticipated CHAOS mixtape....



Capish mobil :+48 694 675 801

Capish GG internet comunicator: 1441059

Siódmy mobil: +48 515 949 802

Juhas aka MON mobil: +48 503 509 896